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  because I'm hands down the worst girl in the world, you know I hate shopping. You may or may not remember a little while ago I introduced you all to STR8UP THREADS, finally an online shopping destination that has only the best pieces, No more getting lost amongst a million and one lame options to try and find good one, no more "if you like this, you may also like this"...because, no, auto shopping cart, if I wanted that, I would have put it in my cart ...




My fave babes at Motel Rocks caught me mid hang over and we chatted about the important things in life. You know, sun, sand, booze and boobs! What else is there that you need? head on over to the blog now to see the full interview, lala ...



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If there's one thing I love about this crazy Last Daze, it's the fact that I get to see up and coming rad kids doing their own thing and start smashing it out. My case in point here is a new killer brand who are just starting their adventure, let me introduce you to FIELDTRIP the LABEL You see, I have a lot of trouble finding gear in Australia that really has a personality. I mean unless you want to walk around like every one else like you're wearing a ...


grab a bottle off of that Tequila shelf…

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  Well, it isn't exactly a secret that I'm a fan of alcohol, whoever invented it, I want to name all of my children after. Normally, vodka is my drink of choice, so it takes a lot for me to stray from an old faithful. I also have a secret love for Brooke Candy,  I fancy myself a rapper when I'm blasting obscene lyrics through my head phones. So when she starts singing about Tequila, I start to think again, maybe there's something to this Tequila thing. It ...


lost boys …

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  There's something to be said about those lost boys. In fact I think most people I've dated have been victim of Peter Pan syndrome, and never wanted to grow up, but really, is that such a bad thing? My constant desire to travel to fantasy places and find radness in the most desolate destinations. So when the opportunity came up to share another dreamer's passion and love for the never grow up mantra, well I couldn't say no could I? Let me introduce to ...



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A very clever man once said to me, there is nothing hotter than boots and bikinis. I couldn't agree with him more. My penchant for wanting to be a cowgirl, really supported any type of image where boots were the chosen footwear, and it's not like I'm exactly shy when it comes to clothing or lack there of. On another adventure across #straya, I conveniently happened to be wearing boots and bikinis, seemed like the only option was to stop and get some Last Daze ...


tie dye skies

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  When I was younger I was obsessed with tie dye. I didn't grow up around it, I was a sequins and lycra kinda girl, and so tie-dye was something that was always really foreign to me. I didn't grow up around any hippie love, so it was rare to see anything that had that swirly kaleidoscope radness, in fact probably the closest I got to tie dye was when my hyper colour tees had passed their use by date and the arm pits were permanently set to that coral tangerine ...


wish you were here….

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I wouldn't say that I had a type. In fact, if you opened the black book of dudes who have made an appearance in my life, you'd see the most random group of guys in the world who could also be mistaken for the audition group for any villains in the Power Rangers (the 1990s version to be exact). Not to say that my exes are by any means superhuman (as much as they may like to think) rather, that I would need to be wearing a head to toe Power Ranger protective onesie ...


last daze X moxieandmotive

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Dedicated to bringing the latest trends in fashion, beauty, home, lifestyle and travel to an international audience through an online database.Moxie and Motive focuses on bringing a balance of spotlighting influential faces, talents and also personal works, including photography, design and styling. Moxie and Motive babes recently asked me a few questions and we spoke all things importnat, you know, like hangovers, bed hair and candy... check it out LIVE NOW ...


white noise

January 20th, 2015 | STYLE FEATURES, SUPER STYLING | 0 Comment's either perfection or disaster. The thing is I love white, but my messy habits mean that the reality of wearing white all the time just ain't a thing. That plus the fact that my Kardashian ass means that I'm not a sample size, means that I can very quickly go from toned and bootylicious in a pair of black skinny jeans to body double for the marshmallow man in Ghostbusters in a pair of white pants. But I love white, your tan looks better, it ...


rad cat bandits

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...(press play)... If there is one thing that I have an addiction with, you know other than vodka and candy  it is my love of vintage tees. I'm obsessed. maybe it's because you can't find good ones in Australia, well, unless you want to pay over $7o you can't, and seriously who wants to spend all their time going through thrift shop racks (don't get me wrong doing that is actually one of my fave things to do, but again not in Australia, because the cool shit is ...


anti blogger

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So you've probably noticed that I've been absent in the writing department on Last Daze for a while now. For many reasons, the leading obviously because I've probably been too hungover to put pen to paper, or hand to keyboard as it may be. But while I stepped back from writing and focused on other things (how long I can go without brushing my hair, working on being able to fit more pringles in my mouth at one time then I could last year - you know the serious ...



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I love the beach, said myself a kabillion jilion other people. In fact, I don't think I've ever met anyone who doesn't like the beach. I just looked up beach on a hashtag search and  literally this was the number that came up: 65,268,692, I don't even know how to say that number vocally. And since writing this post that number has probably gone up my a zillion. Beach equals sun, sun equals happy, happy equals a good time, so how could you not like it. Sure I get ...


Lunar and Me

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With a whole room dedicated to the privilege of being my wardrobe, it's safe to say that when it comes to clothing, I have ridiculously high standards. The thing is I wear ripped jean shorts and vintage tees every day, because they feel good, look good and noone else has that tee. So it takes alot for me to jump out of my comfort clothes. While sure my clothing collection probably looks like Cher's from Clueless, do I actually love everything in my wardrobe? Hell ...


str8up threads delivering str8up radness..

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It's not like me to post about stores, it's not my jam. What is my jam though is writing about the rad things in my world, and I have to take a second and write a little mini post about one amazing creature and her latest adventure.  That creature is the inspiring Gabby Waller, the crazy amazing lady behind Str8up threads. Ya'll know I HATE beige, in fact I like to think that I am pioneering the antibeige movement, so really, I'm kinda over every online store ...


dear santa, i would love some docs please…

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With the calendar's officially turning over to December tomorrow, the hard Christmas decisions have to be made, the hardest of them all of course, what the hell do I tell people to buy me? It's a pretty well known fact that I'm not the girliest of girls, especially when it comes to shoes. It's either kicks or chunky boots (against all of my friends requests to don some softer footwear) And when it comes to chunky boots, I  never go past my old faithful Dr ...


skull candy

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anyone who knows me knows that I have a gnarly sweet tooth, in fact one of my boyfriend's used to carry candy around with us because he knew that it would solve any problem that may come up throughout the day, or if he ever needed to sweet talk me into something (literally sweet talk) so to  be impressed  by any candy offering, the piece in question has to be pretty fucking amazing (side note: I am also down with the cheapest and nastiest of candies, I have love ...


all killer, no filler

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I wouldn't say I was the most athletic of people, in fact, I'm not athletic at all, when one of my nickname's is Bambi because I'm so damn clumsy and my best friend refers to my running style as the terminator, sports and lala really are like two magnets on the wrong ends of each other just completely repelling one and other, which I mean really I'm not that mad about. However growing up a between a hairdressing salon and a football club, I learnt pretty early the ...


Shorty got a tan, like she fresh from the bahamas….

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Well duh! I live a life of a year long summer, I try and be bronzed 365 days of that summer loving year. So after all this time of me wanting to me be bronze and never rock a twilight complexion, I mean it looks rad on so many people, but it isn't for me, I have come to learn how to get a rad faux tan, minus the crusty (shout out to the time when my best friend referred to my elbows as a cross-arm-wich because my elbows had so much tan they were like a crusty ...